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Being an actor means always seeking to portray the truth of the moment. It means, no matter what the role, being in love with the essence of the character's reality.
Screen Acting

There's something both awesome and frightful about having your work recorded for posterity. Sets/location can be like the real thing (except for camera, lights and crew – which you somehow have to ignore…) I like honing the role in the moment.

Stage Acting

It's all about the relationship between performer and audience. The actor follows the course of the play and the characters arc, but is guided by the response from the audience. They help each other to find moments of truth.


Being an actor helps me to know how to work with actors. So long as it stays within the style and intent of the project, I encourage the actor or dancer to bring his/her unique vision to the project. The unexpected is exciting. And the labor of weaving together a work, piece by piece, can be quite rewarding.


Writing can be a painful process. But sometimes that's the only way to get one's ideas in front of people. The empty, white page (or screen) demands to be filled, and there is no comfort until it is done. Plays: like scripting improvised acting. Screenplays: describing what you see in your mind's eye. My novel? A 20-year tinkering project.


Teaching is a conversation, and like the best conversations, listening is a key element. My intent is not to show you how to do it my way, but to guide you to how you can do it your way.

Web Design

Yeah, I've made a lot of websites. Great visual exercises for me, but the coding aspect is like trying to paint a picture with a 30 foot long brush while balancing on a bowling ball. I primarily make sites just for friends.

I am about

Though he became an actor while growing up in Texas, Bart's 25 years in Boston was most significant in his artistic life. As founder and Artistic Director of Boston Arts Group theater company, he was privileged to produce hundreds of original theatrical works. His touring company performed well over a thousand times throughout New England and across the country, and his one-man show, Lincoln Play, received critical success in Europe as well as the US.

As Artistic Director of Synapse Dance Theater, he won the Massachusetts Artist Foundation Fellowship in choreography. Bart has taught at Goddard College, Vermont College, Lesley University, as well as independent workshops in acting, directing and dance improvisation. He is author of a dozen produced plays and a novel for young adults. Here in Los Angeles he has an extensive career in television, film and commercials.

my job is creation

Bart's Parts

My foremost dedication is to the
success and needs of the project, not my personal exposure.

My mama said, "just be a good boy." Sometimes it all comes down to that. Be positive, energetic and have respect.


Good acting is obvious.
Great acting is transparent.

Bart McCarthy

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